Kim Tolley, the GMC’s Regional Liaison Adviser for South London, explains how our workshops can help doctors who are new to practising medicine in the UK get to grips with our ethical standards.

If you are a doctor who’s new to working in the UK or you’re just starting out in your career I’d like to tell you about our free half-day workshop called Welcome to UK Practice.

My colleagues and I run the workshops across the UK as part of our Liaison Services. The course will help you find out more about the GMC, including the standards that all doctors in the UK need to follow.

You’ll learn from real life experiences of other doctors and work through interactive scenarios on ethical issues that will affect you and your patients on a day-to-day basis. We also give everyone who attends a copy of all the key GMC guidance, a learning log to capture tips and reflections in, and a certificate of attendance.

It’s a perfect opportunity to ask us about anything that’s been concerning you about working in the UK. You’ll meet other doctors who are also new to practice here so you can build your network of colleagues in this country.

Why did we create Welcome to UK Practice?

Through our work with doctors from all backgrounds, we understand the challenges doctors can face as they move into UK practice. We wanted to make sure we were helping doctors to overcome these by supporting their learning. We’ve worked with employers and educators to create and develop Welcome to UK Practice to meet this need.

The course is primarily for doctors that qualified outside of the UK but we also deliver it to groups of UK qualified doctors early in their careers. We tailor the workshops to the group we are working with to make it relevant to their needs.

How has the programme developed?

Following the success and detailed evaluation of a series of pilots in 2014 the course was rolled out across the UK. Over the last two years we’ve refined the course and my colleagues and I are currently developing seven new film scenarios to keep the course as up-to-date and relevant as possible. These cover a range of topics such as adult safeguarding and prescribing.

My colleague Ian McNeill, Head of the Regional Liaison Service, who was involved in the development of the course, said: ‘Delivering Welcome to UK Practice is both fun and rewarding as the impact on the doctors attending is always incredibly positive. It is really great to see doctors gain confidence and start to build new networks with other attendees.

‘The doctors are always very grateful for the opportunity to attend and have told us that it has helped them immensely. Some have even told me it’s the best training they have ever had, which speaks volumes about the impact this workshop can have.’

Over 1,500 doctors have taken part in the workshop across the UK and feedback has been universally positive. From a sample of doctors attending the programme:

  • 98% of doctors said it helped them to reflect on their practice
  • 99% said they would change their practice as a result of attending the workshop.

How to book your place

We hold sessions every month across the UK. Events are very popular and places go quickly. For more information about the workshop, and to book your place, go to

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Kim Tolley is the GMC’s Regional Liaison Adviser for South London. She originally qualified as a nurse before moving into teaching and quality assurance. 


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